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Worm Bucket™ Indoor Composter Kit

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Turn Food Scraps Into Mother Nature’s BEST Fertilizer with Just 1 Square Foot of Space!

Start composting your kitchen scraps and turning them into high quality, organic soil amendment to make your plants and gardens thrive.
Our Kit creates an ideal environment for worm composting and makes using worm castings extremely simple for beginners.

Watch the Worm Bucket Unboxing Video to see what's in the kit:

Worm Composter Starter Kit Contains:

 The Patent-Pending Worm Bucket Composter 

  • 2.5 Gallon Worm Bin w/ Spigot for Worm Tea
  • Made with food-safe plastic (#5 PP)
  • Horticultural perlite for drainage 
  • Coco-coir starter bedding 
  • Full-color, Easy-Set Up Guide & The “Happy Worms” Feeding Guide 
  • How-To Video Tutorials and Online Community
  • Holds approximately 200-250 composting worms which quickly process vegetable scraps into black gold worm castings to enrich your plants.

Our 100% Compostable Packaging can be fed directly to your worms!

Great for indoor or outdoor use!

Watch the Complete Setup Guide:

Just add worms (available through our worm vendor partner) and you'll be able to start vermicomposting and harvesting your own Worm Castings and Worm Tea.

Worm Tea is a highly potent, organic fertilizer solution that can be sprayed directly on plants or at the roots to help ward against disease and blight.

The top yellow bucket lifts out with your finished worm castings and the bottom green bucket is used to brew Worm Tea (Instructions & Recipe included).

The easy-pour spigot allows you to pour your brewed Worm Tea directly into your sprayer for no-mess application as a plant foliar spray. Watch your plants burst to life! They love the Worm Tea.

Worm Bucket is 10" x 10" x 13" fully assembled and is 2.5 Gallon Capacity.