About Us

worm bucket

Hi Y'all! We're Rob and Audrey. 

Like you, we LOVE gardening and the satisfaction that comes from growing plants. We are always looking for ways to grow bigger and healthier plants without resorting to chemicals and to try and lessen our footprint when it comes to sustainability. 

That’s what led us to try out vermicomposting or “worm farming." When we saw that we could take our trash and turn it into "Black Gold" soil amendment called worm castings, we couldn't believe it. When you use the worm castings, you'll see the impact on your plants so clearly. We were hooked!

worm bucket

But when we started looking into worm farming kits, all the products we found were way too big, hard to use, and lacked the features we really needed. worm bucket

DIY buckets took too much time, and the outcome was...well...hard to use, and just plain ugly. 

So, we built a better one.

The Worm Bucket is the simplest, easiest, and cleanest way to get started in the wriggly and wonderful world of worm farming for compost!

In your Worm Bucket kit, you’ll have everything you need to get started turning your table scraps into nature’s best fertilizer! In the best interest of the worms, they are sold separately.  A list of local vendors near you can be found here.

The best part? It’s designed specifically for beginners, renters, urban gardeners, and people with limited space! Just pop it under a sink or hide it in a closet and you’ll never know it’s there.

Thanks for visiting our site and we hope you'll join our worm composting movement today! We have an awesome community of like-minded, earth-conscious composters on our facebook group so don't miss that as well!

Happy Composting,
Rob and Audrey 
Nashville, TN