• Feed Your Worms

  • Harvest the Castings

  • Watch Your Plants Burst to Life!

What's in the Bucket?

The Worm Bucket Composter kit contains a Worm Bucket, coco coir starter bedding, perlite and Worm Composting instructions and feeding guide.


Worm Poop = Nature’s Best Fertilizer!?

Did you know that worm “castings” are one of nature’s BEST fertilizers. Yep...you can grow bigger, brighter, and happier plants with worm poop!

(But don’t worry. It’s not gross. And -- thanks to the Worm Bucket -- you can harvest your own from any cabinet, closet, or corner in your home. And the only thing you’ll smell is the fresh earth after a light rain.)

Growing your own worm castings has been way too hard!

  • Expensive Online Kits

    Cheaply made

    Poor ventilation kills worms

    Easily waterlogged, so they get moldy

    Super smelly

    Bad drainage

    Hard to make “worm tea”

    Bulky and hard to move

  • Build Your Own


    Requires trips to hardware store & power tools


    Easy for worms to escape

    Poor drainage


You Deserve a Cleaner, Easier and more Sustainable Way to Nourish Super-Lush Plants!

Introducing the Worm Bucket!

The Perfect Vermiculture Starter Kit for Small Spaces

Harvest Worm Castings Every Month in Just 1-Square Foot of Space!

Easy Carry Handle



Easy-Drain Spigot

Escape-Proof Ventilation

Mold-Resistant Design

Bright and Fun!


The Worm Bucket is Vermiculture Made Easy!

Harvest Your Own Worm Castings Without All the Yucky Stuff!

Healthier house plants

More productive vegetables

100% natural - no unhealthy chemicals!

Money-saving (Worm castings cost $2 per pound!)


Make “Worm Tea” on-demand! Spray it on the plants, stems, leaves for lusher growth

Feeds on your leftovers!

Greenify your space

Lower your carbon footprint

Now you can grow your own worm castings from home...without smells or messes (even from a tiny apartment)!

Introducing the Worm Bucket!

The Perfect Vermiculture Starter Kit for Small Spaces

Don't Have a Big Yard? No Problem!


The Worm Bucket Was Designed for Small Spaces

For Urban gardeners

For Eco-conscious plant-lovers

For Green Thumbs

For Total Newbies

For Anyone in an Apartment, Condo, or Limited Space!

Harvest “black gold” worm castings to fertilize your plants ethically and sustainably...from underneath your kitchen sink!

Start Worm Farming the Easy Way!

How it Works:

1. Add Your Worms

2. Feed Your Worms

3. Harvest Your Fertilizer

4. Watch Your Plants Thrive!


Designed to Fix EVERY Indoor Worm Farming Challenge

Smelly and Moldy -- NOT Smelly

Worms Escape -- Escape-Proof Vents

Messy + Gross -- Clean & Tidy

Doesn’t Drain - Easy-Drain Spigot

Big & Bulky -- Small & Compact

Annoying to Put Together -- Assembly-Free

Hard to Transport -- Easy-Carry Handle

Ugly -- Bright & Fun Colors

Warps in the Sun -- Heavy Duty Plastic Won’t Warp

Doesn’t Have Everything I Need --- All-in-One Starter Kit!