I quit my corporate job to sell Worm Farms. Here's why.

Hey ya'll, Audrey here with an update. Six months ago, I found myself at home - panicked, sitting at my computer desk.
The job I had spent so many years striving for left me unfulfilled and anxious. It was a typical bad Monday amid a particularly long stretch of them. I sobbed at my desk at 9:38 am.

"What's wrong love?" my husband Rob offered his shoulder as I just broke down. "I can't do this anymore! I am overworked and unfulfilled."

"Why don't you just quit that job and let's really give this Worm Bucket thing a go."

This has got to be an epically stupid decision right? Like this is literally straight from the plot of the Dumb and Dumber!

Quit my job to sell Worm Farms?!  And yet I've never been more excited!

Now quitting a six-figure career that as an independent woman I had worked so hard to build was not some willy-nilly decision, but here's why I did it:

1. I believe in the mission of Sustainability. One big thing I gained from my time in corporate was seeking meaning and purpose from my work. Today's landfills are overflowing and our soil activity is dead. Promoting sustainable activities like worm composting gives my life positive meaning.

2. I'm trying to build the life I dream of. I love gardening. Since I was a little girl learning from my grandma, I've had a passion for growing flowers and plants. Building Worm Bucket gives me a chance to focus my energy on what I love - sharing the joy of gardening.

3. Making Composting More Accessible. We designed the Worm Bucket to take an activity - vermicomposting - which was previously only available to people with large yards or outdoor space and we're making it suitable for indoor composting in small apartments, condos and single family homes without any smell. This makes it open to a lot more people and that's why we are so committed to taking this leap!

The feedback has been nothing short of tremendous. Our very first reddit post garnered almost 1 million views and we sold 141 of our Worm Compost Bin Kits in the first day!

After six months building our brand on Instagram and Youtube, I'm proud to say, we're still in business and growing more and more every day!

To learn more about how to get started with Worm Composting, please check out our Worm Bucket Indoor Composter Kit.


Happy Composting,


Audrey Wynkoop, Co-Founder Worm Bucket