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Top 5 Gardening Youtube Channels

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If you’re new to gardening, learning the basics can be challenging. One of the best ways to pick up knowledge is to watch YouTube videos on the subject – because luckily for us, YouTube is a treasure trove of interesting, informative content delivered in an easy-to-consume format. 

In this blog post, we want to list some of our favorite YouTube channels which not only entertain and engage, but also provide loads of useful content on the subject of gardening. Let’s jump right in with our first contender, which is:

  1. Garden Answer

Laura from Garden Answer posts daily videos, nearly all of which are to do with gardening. She lives on a gorgeous property with one of the most mesmerizing gardens we’ve ever seen. Whether you’re looking for how-to guides, sped-up inspo porn, or general videos about plants, you can find all of that here, with a side of optimism. Even if the video isn’t about gardening, her two cats and son Benjamin make the videos worth watching.

  1. Self Sufficient Me
citrus fruit

Mark lives in the subtropics in Australia, but he creates videos that are helpful to people living in all sorts of weather conditions. From growing citrus, bananas and passionfruit to recipes, mulching, and even duck and chicken-keeping – Mark’s channel covers everything related to gardening, and then some. His videos are informative and often amusing, and his garden is a well-maintained food forest that’ll inspire you to go grow!

  1. Charles Dowding

If you like the idea of gardening but don’t fancy the labor that it entails, Charles Dowding has an idea that might change your life – no-dig gardening. The idea is simple – you never dig, till or turn over the soil unless absolutely required, like when harvesting certain veggies. You just use lots of compost, for everything from building soil fertility and improving drainage, to suppressing weeds.

  1. Liz Zorab

Come to Byther Farm, where everything is 100% organic, and all the work is done by the lovely Liz Zorab and her husband Mr. J. Her farm has everything, from fruits and veggies, to flowers, ducks, and even a couple wild areas! Recently, she moved to a new place and has been slowly working on her new garden. So if you are starting to work on a new plot, this channel is perfect for you!

  1. One Yard Revolution
harvest video

If you enjoy high-quality harvest videos, this is the channel for you! Unfortunately, they don’t post new videos anymore, but their old videos are wonderful. We enjoy them for the harvests, but you’ll find lots of useful information there, from sowing seeds to growing under cover and extending the growing season. The occasional cameo from Oscar the garden cat will make you smile.

These were our top five gardening YouTube channels. There are lots of others – with GrowVeg and Huw Richards being two of the best – but we’ve put our heads together and picked out the best of the best that combine different elements to bring wonderfully edited, fun, yet educational videos to your YT Home page.

Did you know Worm Bucket has our own YouTube channel? Check it out here for great tips on vermicomposting! We also share regular blog posts that are short and informative, and will tell you everything you need to know about vermicomposting.